About Codingday Limited

Codingday Limited is a London, UK based company that creates consumer applications for desktop and mobile. Codingday also provides consultancy services for the web and server side development in the UK. We specialise in cross platform application development, image processing, financial engineering and big data solutions.

Our Services

App Development
We build desktop and mobile apps specialising in Mac and Windows. As well as our own apps, we also helped companies to build their ideas and ready for sale in the "store".
Image Processing
We build image processing applications for mobile and desktop for our clients, whether that is a photographic app / filters, image transformation, image editing and signal processing.
Web Development
We work with your business to understand the requirements to build the rich client application. We are not UX designers, but we work with some of the best in the industry.
We can develop the project as a whole or contribute to your projects depending on your requirements. We advise and build technical solutions suitable for your needs.
Enterprise Systems and Big Data
Our team has built enterprise systems for many years including big data solutions for small, medium and large sized companies ranging from: decommissioning, integration, reuse of legacy systems and modern implementation.
We offer continued support to all of our clients.