iBooks to Audiobook

Audiobook Creator has a new version and now fully supports iBook ebook files. Again, only DRM free files can be converted. This requires the newest Mac OSx, Mavericks 10.9; which has the iBooks app.

You can move all your DRM-free iBooks to audiobooks and listen on iTunes, or iPhone.

In order to use with ibooks, it is the same process as other ebook files. However, there is an extra step involved to get iBooks out of  iBook application.

  1. Start iBooks app
    iBooks app
  2. Drag and Drop the ebook to the desktop, this will create a copy of original epub file
    iBook Drag Drop
  3. From desktop, drag and drop the copied e-book file (epub). If it is not DRM protected it will be available to process
    Drag Drop files to e-book files

    Drag Drop files to e-book files

    Alternatively, you can use the menus. When the audiobook creator application is focused. You go to File-Open and open the file that you want to.

    File Open ebook file audio creator

    File Open ebook file audio creator

  4. this will load the file and show the meta data of the file

    Pdf file loaded

    Pdf file loaded

  5. Click on Convert to start the conversion

    PDF to m4b conversion

    ebook to audiobook conversion

  6. Once it is done, you will get back to done screen where you can open with iTunes or Reveal in Finder
    Done screen to reveal the finder

    Done screen to reveal the finder

    Enjoy listening!

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