Where to get DRM-free ebooks

At the moment, Audiobook Creator works only with DRM-free epub  eBook files.


DRM-free doesn’t mean the book to be free, in fact it is very rare to have free books.  It just means that the book is not limited to the device that you buy from and work in different platforms.

If you know where to get/buy the ePub books and already using it it’s great! This page is to get started with getting ePub files.

Here are some links to websites  which offer ePub-books

  • Gutenberg Project is one of the most famous sources for free ePub eBooks. They offer about 30,000 books in many different languages.
  • Manybooks.net offers more than 26,000 free eBooks in many different languages. Definitely a place to go when you are searching for free eBooks.
  • PragProg is my personal favourite where you find unique collection of technical books, and most of them are very interesting
  • O’Reilly MediaManning, are some of our favourites for technical digital book stores
  • Please also consider to support independent/open source publishers, they are all over the web and twitter publishing their books without a publisher without having the hussle of a publisher.
  • For a more comprehensive digital publisher list please see Wikipedia


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