Convert ebooks to audiobooks for Kindle and other mp3 players

Last year Amazon killed their text-to-speech feature from its kindle devices. Meanwhile they are heavily advertising for subscription to audible, their audiobook subscription service. Perhaps they saw that as a conflict, or a marketing strategy to drive more users to audible even though Audible is not a text to speech service.

Thanks to audiobook creator, there is no need for amazons text to speech support to listen to your ebooks on your kindle or your mp3 player. You can convert your DRM-free e-book collection to audiobook and transfer the files your device. For that you need to have Audiobook Creator on your Mac.

Audiobook creator generates only m4b files, however it is relatively easy to convert to MP3 (for that you need to use iTunes for conversion) to transfer to your MP3 capable devices.  All apple devices support m4b natively, so you don’t need it these, this is only for devices that do not support apple’s audiobook format.

  1. Generate m4b file using this tutorial
  2. After that open the file with iTunes, you will the file to be in the audiobook section
  3. Go to iTunes Preferences and under ‘General’ settings -> ‘Import Settings’ , from the drop down menu select MP3 Encoder
  4. Now find the audibook file you would like to convert to mp3, right click and select “Create Mp3 Version”
  5. When the MP3 version is created, you can right click and “Find in finder” to find the file
  6. From finder, you can copy to your device using your device specific copying methods

More detailed iTunes conversion can be found on this post

Note that any book will have their own use, copy and audio rights, check before converting your drm free in the preface or introduction

Happy listening


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