How to Convert an eBook to an Audiobook on Mac OS X

This tutorial is for the Mac app Audiobook Creator.

In order for Audiobook Creator to convert the ebook, you would need an “epub” ebook file. We will add more formats in the future, please make a feature request if you want us to prioritise this work.

If you have an epub file handy it is great, otherwise you can get it from various sources, including  For finding more about epub ebook files, please look at our epub post.

For this tutorial we will have a look at converting an ebook from the Project Gutenberg web site.

  1. Download an epub book from gutenberg, for instance Hamlet by William Shakespeare . Make sure you download the epub file.
  2. Once you downloaded it, assuming the application is started, either drag and drop the file to the bookshelf or Click on the menu File->Open.Audiobook Creator
  3. This is a long book (it’s Shakespeare in the end), once it is loaded, you can click convert to start the conversion.
  4. It will take about 5-10 minutes and you will see the updating progress bar.

    Audiobook Creator

    Audiobook Creator

  5. At the end of the conversion, you will get to the final screen, where you can reveal in finder or save. The end file should be about 6 hours long of audio.
  6. You can either drag drop or open the file with iTunes, and it will appear in the audiobooks pane
  7. You can transfer to your device using the iTunes sync functionality

That is what Audiobook creator does in a nutshell. It loads an ebook file and saves to an audiobook file. You can then drag and drop to iTunes to listen to the audiobook.

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