Apple plans Combined iPhone, iPad and Mac apps means touch screen Mac?

There is a Bloomberg Report that Apple is going to combine the platforms in one.

This is certainly good news for the developers and users. However I think it is much more important for the Mac development, couple of things that may happen. From development perspective it is combining UIKit and AppKit codenamed Marzipan,  but that’s is not all as the hardware and most importantly the interaction interface is quite different, touch vs click, and type.

For developers, when they combine these frameworks, it makes the design and maintenance of cross platform software a lot easier then it is now. Having similar applications on both Mac and Windows, even though a lot of the code is shared, the UI is completely different for both platforms, and nothing is shared. It will be equivalent frameworks driving the innovation, with MLKit,  ARKit without Mac following a year behind, or subset of the frameworks. Usually iOS drives the innovation and Mac follows it might reverse that.

 So hopefully this will improve the porting efforts of the application from either platform.

Pure speculation, but for the users it might mean

  • Mac to get a touch screen, Microsoft already pushed this, and I think it is one of the things Mac’s are behind PC equivalents.
  • Apple may decide to switch from Intel architecture where they can’t control the product line, to their own ARM processor with X86 emulation layer for full binary compatibility as well as code compatibility
  • Mac will get more apps.
  • More games

Company and App Updates

As you may have noticed from our app page, Codingday Limited is now incorporated and the owner of the apps. That means for our users more frequent updates, as I am also going full time with the company work.

For Audiobook Creator, 3.0 version will be available free to everyone who already have it, and it will address memory and partial chapter selection support.

For eBook listener, PDF support will be added. We will also increase the price of eBook listener with the update, so get it before the increase if you like.

It is exciting news for our company, and I hope you enjoy our apps and services. There are few more ideas on the pipeline which you will see on this space.

ebook Listener now available on App store

ebook Listener is just released.
Audiobook Creator Icon

ebook Listener is an app that enables to listen to the ebooks with text to speech technology on iPhone, iPad and iPods. It comes with its own media player and file cloud manager that you can choose to listen to the ebooks as audiobooks.

It is a new way of listening to the ebooks, and it is the continuation of our own successful app, audiobook creator for Mac on the iOS mobile platform.

Enjoy listening to your ebooks on your mobile with ebook listener

Available on the App Store

Audiobook Creator new release with new design

Audiobook creator has a new design and other improvements under the hood.

The new intuitive flat design makes even easier to use. Now it also features to select and deselect all chapters if you decide to convert the ebook chapter by chapter or page by page for the pdf case.

We also fixed the crashing issue for some large books that have a very big chapter. The reason for that large books put lots of pressure on the limited memory, now audiobook creator handles it better.

Enjoy  listening to your ebooks with even better Audiobook Creator!

Audiobook Chapter from ebooks on Audiobook Creator

As requested by many of our users, we are pleased to announce that chapter support for audio-books is coming on the next release of the  Audiobook Creator application.

The chapters are the actual chapters on epub ebook files, and pages on pdf ebooks.

It involved significant engineering to make it mark the chapters converting from the ebooks. As a result the price of the app will be increased, however existing users as usual will get the update for free as usual, go and grab yours from  Mac app store before the increase.

Happy listening!


For any support issues, please contact our support channel,

Thank you

Vector Code 1.5 Release available with discount for WWDC

As Apple’s biggest developer conference, WWDC 2014, is approaching, CodingDay is offering  discount for the Vector Code App.

We released a new version 1.5 of Vector code.

What’s new :

Run option to see the generated output (can be accessed from toolbar options)
Vector Code Run Option Toolbar

Vector Code Run Option Toolbar


This release brings the ability to run your design within the application. This is not just a preview window, this is actually running the code generated on the fly and showing on a window. Thus what you see will be what you get when you deploy your desktop or mobile applications.

As usual, please let us know if you encounter any issues

Happy coding!

Vector Code – Basic Drawings

Vector Code designer supports primitive drawing elements.

  • Pencil, line, rectangle, ellipse, bezier, path, text, zoom, free hand draw, solid paint.

All your basic elements will be converted to cocoa core graphics API code. This is the lowest api for generating graphics, thus it is the most performant. Although the generated code may look long, it is very lightweight and extremely fast when it is run on the iOS or OSx .

Vector Code - Basic Drawing

Vector Code – Basic Drawing

Here is a video showing different elements of vector code for primitive drawing elements. Once you have drawn them, you can paint to any colour from the rich colour spectrum, or you can change different properties using the context sensitive right pane

Finally, just export the generated code in your preferred language, Objective or C# on your preferred development environment OSx or iOs.

Happy coding!

Vector Code -Basic Drawings from Codingday

Vector Code – Shapes

Vector code allows you to use the rich shapes gallery for your design and apps. Using the shapes menu on Vector Code UI, it is very easy to construct basic or complex using the shape library with nearly 100 shapes grouped in categories.

Vector Code Shapes

Vector Code Shapes

Here is a video that shows shapes in action. The generated code is effectively paths and it will be identical to what you see in the designer when you export the code.

Vector Code – Shapes Demo from Codingday.

Just export the code and power your apps with beautiful shapes, from chat balloons, to nature, or ui elements.

Happy coding!

Audiobook Creator with Spanish Voices (non-english books)

You can use Audiobook Creator with any language books, it is not just for English, it is for all the languages that is supported by Mac OSX.

Audiobook Creator Spanish Voices from Codingday on Vimeo.

English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish , Swedish, Thai, Turkish are the languages and voices supported.

Vector Code Available at Mac App Store

Vector Code

Vector Code

Vector code is available to download on Mac App Store. You can find more details on our vector code website.

Vector code allows you to generate executable code from your drawings and designs. It uses scalable vector graphic (svg) format as input that is the standard of all vector drawing applications.

Vector code generates objective c and c# code for osx and iOS with lowest possible drawing api for high performance (Core Graphics C API) as output.

Build your own custom controls easily, generate pdf with code, image, or printer documents

Available on the Mac App Store

System requirements

* OS X 10.6 or later