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Audiobook Creator is available at Mac App Store

Audiobook creator is available to download on Mac App Store. You can find more details on our audiobook creator website.

Audiobook creator is an app which enables the creation of audiobooks from ebooks. You can listen to it on the go with a music player, smart phone or on your computer.

It is designed to convert ebooks into audiobooks. It reads aloud an ebook (epub) to an audiobook (m4b) file.

Available on the Mac App Store

System requirements

* OS X 10.6 or later

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Developer of consumer apps for Mac OS X

  • Ich2222

    Ok. For 20€ i will do it myself and add each chapter manually to iTunes.

    Or maybe i could write a script that does that…
    Need to start coding. Now! Bye!

  • Can

    Hi, I appreciate the feedback, but it is more difficult than you think, our app is on the app store for nearly 3 years now with constant updates and improvements, and all users get this for free with one purchase, it is rare for commercial software to have this level of service and support.