Audiobook Chapter from ebooks on Audiobook Creator

As requested by many of our users, we are pleased to announce that chapter support for audio-books is coming on the next release of the  Audiobook Creator application.

The chapters are the actual chapters on epub ebook files, and pages on pdf ebooks.

It involved significant engineering to make it mark the chapters converting from the ebooks. As a result the price of the app will be increased, however existing users as usual will get the update for free as usual, go and grab yours from  Mac app store before the increase.

Happy listening!


For any support issues, please contact our support channel, [email protected]

Thank you

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  • Gordon

    I paid for the app but it didn’t interpret the chapters of my epub correctly, The epub has 10 chapters but Audiobook i saying it has 22 chapters? One large audio file was created with no chapters? Then I tried to export, just chap 1, the file was silent?? $20 dullard for this!

    • CodingDay

      Hi Gordon,
      Please contact our support channel. Audiobook creator works 100% with more than 1000s of users. The number of chapters are the chapters that are defined on the ebook that you purchased, may not necessarily represent the exact number of chapters as often it is decided by the publisher software rather then the author or publisher.

      There are so many standards for the epub file and audiobook creator supports the most generics v2 version of the format. However, the creators of the file not always adhere to the publication format.

      The cost of the application is less then 1 audiobook price that you will ever pay while using this software that you can create as many audiobooks as you want, so it is a very fair price.

      You should try our lite version first to see the audiobook creator is the right software and solution for you.

  • Peter

    Does Audiobook Builder produce files for Amazon Audio Books?
    Thank you in advance
    Kind regards