Apple plans Combined iPhone, iPad and Mac apps means touch screen Mac?

There is a Bloomberg Report that Apple is going to combine the platforms in one.

This is certainly good news for the developers and users. However I think it is much more important for the Mac development, couple of things that may happen. From development perspective it is combining UIKit and AppKit codenamed Marzipan,  but that’s is not all as the hardware and most importantly the interaction interface is quite different, touch vs click, and type.

For developers, when they combine these frameworks, it makes the design and maintenance of cross platform software a lot easier then it is now. Having similar applications on both Mac and Windows, even though a lot of the code is shared, the UI is completely different for both platforms, and nothing is shared. It will be equivalent frameworks driving the innovation, with MLKit,  ARKit without Mac following a year behind, or subset of the frameworks. Usually iOS drives the innovation and Mac follows it might reverse that.

 So hopefully this will improve the porting efforts of the application from either platform.

Pure speculation, but for the users it might mean

  • Mac to get a touch screen, Microsoft already pushed this, and I think it is one of the things Mac’s are behind PC equivalents.
  • Apple may decide to switch from Intel architecture where they can’t control the product line, to their own ARM processor with X86 emulation layer for full binary compatibility as well as code compatibility
  • Mac will get more apps.
  • More games