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Codingday develops consumer apps for Mac OS X.

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Vector Code

Vector Code generates executable native code from your drawings and designs

Vector code allows you to generate executable code from your drawings and designs. It uses scalable vector graphic (svg) format as input that is the standard of all vector drawing applications.

Sketch, draw, paint using built in open source editor It is a must have for your design toolbox whether you are developing for one platform or many platforms. ..more

Available on the Mac App Store

Audiobook Creator

Audiobook creator is an app which enables the creation of audiobooks from ebooks. You can listen to it on the go with a music player, smart phone or on your computer.

It is designed to convert ebooks into audiobooks. It reads aloud an ebook (epub) to an audiobook (m4b) file. The generated audiobook is the default itunes audiobook format (m4b), and it can be used in iTunes, or transferred to ipod or iPhones. ..more

Available on the Mac App Store

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator calculates your mortgage payments instantly as you change values. It will allow you see the mortgage summary, display monthly payments (amortisation table), and compare.

It will compare different mortgages in tabular form and in a bar chart. You can load or save the screens, so you can use it later, or use it to compare with other mortgage calculations that you create. ...more

Available on the Mac App Store